Origin of Windsor Chairs

There have been many thoughts on how and when Windsor’s originated. This is my  favorite story.

The story goes that King George of England took refuge during a fox hunt in a  small farm house. While resting in this house he became fascinated with a chair which had a plank seat, legs joined through holes in the plank, and stile and spindles for a back.  The King was so taken by this chair that on his way back to Windsor Castle he ordered several chairs to be made  in the same way.

Windsor chairs, as we know them today, began to appear in England in the early 1700′s.  These chairs were painted green and used as garden furniture but were soon adopted as tavern chairs and dining chairs among the aristocracy.

Windsor’s were introduced to America  from England around  1750.  Windsor chairs were produced in a quantity far greater than any other type of furniture during the Federal period.  Windsor chairs are considered by many as the most characteristically American furniture style to emerge from the eighteenth century. with regional styles coming from different parts of the country and in large cities such as Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. The large number of  chairs that have survived the past 150-200 years are a living testament of  their solid construction, as well as their timeless design

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