Robert L Francis, Windsor Chair Maker

I’m dedicated to making only the finest heirloom quality chairs available.  I offer a variety of beautiful Windsor reproduction chairs and settees.

I operate a one man Windsor chair shop in the truest sense located in Bryantville, Massachusetts.  Each piece of furniture is constructed using only hand tools the same way they were two hundred years ago.  The wood is split, shaped, and steam-bent using only hand tools.  Starting with selecting the wood logs, I split, shave, turn, steam-bend, and wedge, by hand, a chair of incredible beauty and strength.  Each chair is made one at a time using traditional  tools and techniques so no two chairs are exactly alike.

Windsor chair shop located in Bryantville, Massachusetts

My chairs look and feel the same way a brand new chair did in the 1700s. An authentic Windsor chair is a time proven design. The proper wood selection and joinery methods  ensure these chairs will become a family heirloom.  There is no doubt that a hand made chair has a look and character that cannot be created  by any other method.

-Robert L. Francis

PO Box 326

Bryantville, MA 02327


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